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Posted by Custom printed Boxes with logo, Packaging Wholesale Business on 04/22/2024 in Industrial

Custom Box with Lid


This rigid custom box with lid is one of the most famous custom box style.

For branding full-color printing is available.

Inside and out. Order a sample to try

Custom box with lid is one of the most popular types of packaging that is used for a wide range of products. Its unique design and the lid makes it the most secure place to keep expensive and high end products. It is also known as two piece setup box because it is consist on a base or a tray and a lid which covers the box. The lid prevents the dust, moisture and any other external harm.
Being a business, we always look for a practical packaging solution that can perform various functions. It should not only protect the content inside but also attract the customers and promote the brand. Custom boxes with lid and tray do exactly what you look for. You can customize them in bespoke designs, shapes, and styles. Whether you are a retailer, wholesaler, or an event organizer, these boxes are the go to option for you. On events lie Christmas and product exhibition, you can promote your business with personalized gift boxes with lid. Putting your brand logo and name on them makes the recipient feel special.

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