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Posted By on 10/13/2022

Performance Licensing For One-Off Events

Performance Licensing For One-Off Events

Under the Copyright Act, of 1957 it is important to get Performers in Advertising, PPL, and entertainment license in case you are playing music, drums, or recorded videos and audio in public.  You will need a license, even if you are playing any pre-recorded music. This is where you will need professionals Michael Welsh Productions' assistance. No matter if it is a commercial or non –commercial event you will need a license.

Michael Welsh Productions house provides you with music clearance and even a license for public events to play your music. They have a huge network that can help you with music supervision. They have several services and they are in business since 1999. They can handle both national and international advertising campaigns. You can also get a quote instantly online for the services.

Establishments included

There are several establishments where one-off events are conducted like restaurants, cafes, hotels, offices, bars, shopping malls, taxis, airplanes, etc. then there are non-commercial places like festivals, events, concerts, campuses, etc.  where licensing is extremely important. If you have licenses you will be able to conduct a successful event. Michael Welsh Productions is where you get the right help.

Do you need it really?

If you are performing in public for a song you have not written yourself or any prerecorded song in restaurants, clubs, or streaming online then PPL is required.  No matter how small a portion of the music you are using, it is important that you have a license or you can get in trouble. There are some exceptions as well, but you need to know about them.

When should you have it?

Before you perform an event in the public you must apply for Synch Licensing and must have it in hand to show it to the authority. If you are a new business owner then you must know about this expense and must have a license before you open the doors. Existing owners must have it renewed from time to time to make sure that they are doing their business legally in terms of public performance rights. Michael Welsh Productions helps you obtain PPL with ease. They know the music industry requirements and have enough contacts to help you manage your license on time.

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