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Posted By Manhattan Foot Specialists on 03/15/2022

Minimally Invasive Foot Surgery in NYC

Minimally Invasive Foot Surgery in NYC

Our NYC podiatrist places great importance on the aesthetic result of their surgical procedures, as well as their functional outcome. Recent advances have enabled new “no scar” surgical procedures like minimally invasive bunion surgery and hammertoe surgery which provide comparable and often superior results to traditional surgical methods. Your Manhattan foot doctor offers all the latest techniques and treatments.

Fear of scarring frightens many people away from surgeries that would greatly help them. We are sympathetic to these fears and will clearly explain our minimally invasive options and the cosmetic outcomes you should expect. Traditionally, both bunion and hammertoes surgery would result in a large visible scare. However, with our minimally invasive foot surgery techniques, you can correct your foot deformities with minimal to no visible scarring. All questions about this procedure will be answered during your consultation with a foot doctor.


While there are some surgeries where a minimally invasive approach may yield less superior results, Achilles tendon surgery actually has better results when using this method. Your Manhattan foot doctor recommends minimally invasive techniques whenever possible for both aesthetic and medical reasons. In other words, the foot will look better and heal faster. For your NYC podiatrist, these methods are often a superior choice. Ingrown toenails are usually removed without a scar. 

Minimally invasive surgery refers to surgical foot procedures that: 

- Usually are performed in the office of your podiatrist or at a surgical center 

- Typically are outpatient procedures allowing you to go home the same day 

- Rely on very small incisions which minimize scarring and soft tissue disruption 

- Use scopes with tiny cameras and instruments 

- Leave you with less pain 

- Often let you walk out after the procedure with minimal assistance 

- Have fewer complications 

- Have a quicker recovery period

With all these benefits, it’s no wonder your podiatrist opts for minimally invasive procedures!

Do you have any questions about Minimally Invasive Foot Surgery procedures in NYC? Would you like to schedule an appointment with an internationally recognized, top NYC Podiatrist and foot doctor at Manhattan Foot Specialists? Please contact our office for a consultation.

Read more: https://www.footdoctorpodiatristnyc.com/procedures/minimally-invasive-foot-surgery/

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