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Posted By Embark Therapy on 03/06/2024

Embark Therapy

Embark Therapy

Welcome to Embark Therapy! I founded Embark Therapy to empower you to move beyond your symptoms, foster deep self-awareness, and enhance your connection with those around you. Embark Therapy was launched with a vision to guide you toward profound self-insight, navigate through past pains, and embark on your unique journey within. In our fast-paced world, choosing to pause and look within is counter cultural. At Embark, we collaborate with you to improve your reflective abilities and shine a light on aspects of your past that may have been overlooked. By addressing and expressing unresolved emotions, we facilitate moving beyond past traumas or disappointments, fostering an increased ability to fully engage with the present. Thinking about beginning your journey of self-discovery? Book a free consultation today!

Will Michelson, LMFT, stands out for his profound empathy and mastery in navigating people through intricate emotional and psychological challenges. As the visionary Founder of Embark Therapy, Will is dedicated to empowering individuals to transcend their psychological distress, foster deep self-awareness, and enhance their connections with the world. His innovative approach at Embark Therapy aims to revolutionize mental health support by focusing on holistic healing and personal growth.

Having pursued advanced studies at Fuller Graduate School of Psychology, Will Michelson is uniquely equipped with a blend of clinical psychology expertise and theological insights, enabling him to integrate a spiritual perspective into psychological healing. His extensive training encompasses many therapeutic modalities including psychodynamic depth therapy at The Maple Counseling Center, internal family systems (IFS), emotional focused therapy (EFT), attachment theory, alongside specialized training in cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and floor time techniques. This diverse educational background has equipped Will with a nuanced understanding of human development, facilitating his ability to guide individuals through critical developmental stages.

A significant aspect of Will’s therapeutic practice is his emphasis on the somatic expressions of psychological issues, a testament to his academic background in kinesiology. This knowledge underpins his holistic approach to therapy, highlighting the crucial mind-body connection in emotional wellbeing. Moreover, Will’s experience as a coach to athletes has deepened his appreciation for the transformative power of relational dynamics, underscoring the importance of creating a nurturing environment for growth and healing.

Will Michelson’s commitment to fostering mental wellness and personal development is evident in his approach to therapy, which is designed to help you embark on a transformative journey within. His contributions to the field of mental health, combined with his innovative therapeutic strategies, make Will Michelson, LMFT, an influential figure in advancing holistic mental health practices and enhancing life quality through emotional and psychological support.

Reach out using the contact information below for inquiries to schedule a session. We’re here to connect and assist you on your journey.



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