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Posted By Sports Injury & Pain Management Clinic of New York on 03/14/2022

Elbow Pain Treatment in NYC

Elbow Pain Treatment in NYC

A pain in elbow diagnosis can be difficult because you use your elbow in so many different ways throughout the day. You may even have a hard time explaining to your Manhattan sports medicine doctor where it hurts or when you get that inner elbow pain the worst. But your NYC pain doctor is the only one who can relieve your pain and heal your elbow.

The elbow really is a complex part of your body. It allows you to perform a variety of different functions such as:

- Flexing and extending your arm

- Rotating your hand and forearm

- Supporting your body during exercise

It’s a common site for injuries because so many different muscles, tendons and ligaments either originate there or pass through your elbow joint. And since it’s a hinged joint, it makes it all that much higher at risk for overuse injuries and other pain in elbow issues.

Making the Diagnosis

It’s vital that you provide your sports medicine team with the most accurate accounting of your elbow pain. This information helps them get to the bottom of your discomfort and recommend an appropriate treatment for elbow pain. Medial elbow pain treatment may be in order, for example, if you have a job that requires you to use your arms all day. Baseball elbow pain treatment is recommended if you play the game or participate in throwing activities that mimic baseball. 

After your doctor takes a complete medical history, X-rays may be the next step. Unless you have a bone protruding, imaging can help pinpoint the source of your inner elbow pain. You may need a magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) test if you have chronic pain in elbow syndrome. And an ultrasound often can help your NYC doctor evaluate soft-tissue damage. 

Our sports injury clinic in NYC works with most insurance and utilizes patients’ out-of-network benefits. If you have any questions or concerns, our team of top pain management specialists in New York can work directly with you to explain your benefits. Contact us:  (212) 621-7746.

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