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Posted By Buddha's Cup on 12/26/2022

Coffee Industry Trends and Growth Projections That Shape 2023

Coffee Industry Trends and Growth Projections That Shape 2023

Hawaii, December 13, 2022: The tea and coffee industry consists of instant and brewed ingredients, dedicated shops that solely serve beverages. Market experts predict that the global coffee and tea market will grow from $142.1 billion in 2019 to $168.5 billion in 2023.

Due to the impact of COVID-19, the tea and coffee industry noticed a slow growth rate, but sales are expected to bounce back to an average growth rate of 0.9% yearly to reach $19.11 billion in 2023. This means that it's a golden opportunity for all the coffee and tea industry entrepreneurs to plan proactively for a successful business by capitalizing on industry statistics and trends.

Coffee Industry Growth Projections and Statistics 2023

According to the data presented by myfreindcoffee.com, around 60 percent of US coffee consumers visit a chain coffee shop on a monthly basis. They will pay at least one visit in a month to a chain coffee shop, meaning that the coffee shop's popularity will remain constant. The drive-through in 2023 will remain immensely popular as the statistics represent that 50 percent of Americans get their coffee from drive-through operations.

Coffee is a globally consumed drink, and despite high coffee demand, the United States is ranked 25th in per capita coffee consumption, indicating that 24 more countries consume more coffee than the United States. As per the data published by Brandongaille.com, the average coffee consumption in one day is 3.1 cups.

Coffee trends of 2023 show that there will be a high demand for specialty coffee because of the high demand for specialty coffees like espresso, lattes, etc. More than half of coffee consumers in the United States demand specialty beverages like cappuccino, espresso, iced/cold coffee, etc., at premium prices.

Coffee Trends 2023

The coffee trends of 2023 include molecular nitrogenation and more sustainable sourcing practices. Nitrogenation provides a smoother and creamier texture without adding empty calories. Besides this, coffee consumers are always interested in a better representation of the beverage, that's why many potential baristas add customized images in cappuccino and latte foam.

Beverage sale is going to reach the next level with an expanding market. Consumers prefer brain-enhancing energdrinks, molecular cocktail creations and zero-alcohol beverage options. In addition, many baristas are developing new ways of blending coffee to support good health and reduce fat with soy and collagen creamers.

With their busy schedule, people are always looking for something that can be consumed quickly and directly from cane, and that's why canned coffees are becoming popular. However, coffee-producing companies can achieve immense success by adding self-contained coffee options to their inventory. In addition, these self-contained coffee options don't have additional setup costs.


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