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Posted By Century Medical & Dental Center on 03/14/2022

Brooklyn Podiatry | Top Podiatrists In Downtown, Brooklyn, NY

Brooklyn Podiatry | Top Podiatrists In Downtown, Brooklyn, NY

Podiatry is the medical specialty that treats your feet and ankles. Considering the weight they bear, your feet are small compared to the rest of your body. If you experience foot pain or other problems, consult the best podiatrist in Brooklyn for diagnosis and treatment. Your foot doctor is trained and skilled in identifying problems and choosing the most appropriate treatment option. 

Your feet and ankles comprise 26 bones and 33 joints. They contain many more muscles, ligaments, and tendons. Everything must be in excellent working order for you to stand, balance, walk, and run.

Yet, your feet are subject to a lot of abuse as you age. And you may ignore them as part of your usual self-care regimen. As a result, your feet are more prone to injury and wear and tear as you age. The top podiatrist takes care of your feet and ankles, keeping you active and moving. See our primary doctor Brooklyn specialists for proper diagnosis, evaluation, and a referral to a foot doctor.

Preventive Techniques for Your Feet

Certain preventive techniques are beneficial if you already suffer from foot concerns or are hoping to forestall more complicated conditions. These include:

Don’t wear other people’s shoes.

Check your feet regularly and carefully for redness or swelling.

Keep your toenails short and clean, using personal nail clippers that you regularly clean.

Watch for skin changes or discolorations. Discuss these symptoms with your foot doctor.

Wear low-heeled, well-fitting shoes that are wide enough to avoid unnecessary pressure and provide appropriate support.

Wiggle and exercise your toes and feet.

Raise your feet often.

If you have a sedentary job, stand and stretch frequently.

Plenty of exercise and walking provide significant benefits.

Gentle massages and warm foot baths encourage healthy circulation.

Expose your feet to air frequently and moisturize dry skin.

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Read more: https://www.centurymedicaldental.com/specialties/podiatrist/

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