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Posted By Auto & Fleet Mechanic on 03/12/2024

Auto & Fleet Mechanic Launches New Auto Repair Mobile App is Available!

The new app gives car owners the benefit of being able to fully manage their vehicles online, reports autoandfleetmechanic.com.


(Modesto, CA)—Auto & Fleet Mechanic, Modesto California’s premier auto mechanic shop, is excited to announce the official launch of their brand-new mobile app. On a mission to make vehicle ownership more rewarding, the Auto & Fleet Mechanic team has created an easy-to-use app that gives car owners the benefit of being able to fully manage their vehicles online.

“There’s no doubt that auto repair and maintenance is a compulsory part of owning a car. Inappropriately, many drivers find it frustrating to remember what work they’ve already done and when they want to schedule appointments for various maintenance intervals, let alone managing recalls and alerts from the manufacturer. Fortunately, we’ve created a mobile app that does all of this for them, taking the hassle and frustration out of vehicle maintenance,” said Judi Harvey of Auto & Fleet Mechanic.

The new Auto & Fleet Mechanic mobile app features a user-friendly interface that allows drivers to connect directly to their service history, so they can see which services they’ve had performed in the past as well as the date of service. In addition, they’ll be able to view the maintenance schedules for their particular vehicle, so they can plan for any upcoming service wants. Manufacturer recall alerts keep everyone aware of any pressing problems that have been commonly identified among drivers of the same car and push notifications for appointment reminders ensure users never miss their scheduled maintenance. With birthday and signup offers, rewards earned from visits to the shop, and live support with 2-way chat, car repair, and maintenance have never been easier.

Harvey went on to say, “Car maintenance can occasionally feel like a compulsory evil, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Our planning tool keeps track of everything on the driver’s behalf, turning what was once a frustrating ordeal into something so much more rewarding. In turn, drivers can now fully enjoy their vehicle ownership experience the way they were truly meant to.”

Visit autoandfleetmechanic.com to learn how to download the Auto & Fleet Mechanic mobile app, personalize your profile, and start managing all of your vehicles today.

About Auto & Fleet Mechanic:

Auto & Fleet Mechanic provides the most trustworthy, warrantied automotive repair service to the Modesto, Salida, and Riverbank, CA areas. Our team consists of highly qualified ASE Certified technicians. We specialize in Ford, BMW, Chevrolet, Ford Diesel 6.0 and 7.3, Toyota, Nissan, and Dodge and in servicing hybrid vehicles.

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