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Tree Cutting & Trimming Rockville Center

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Rockville Centre, NY, 11570

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Tree Cutting & Trimming Rockville Center
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79 Maple Ave
Rockville Centre, NY, 11570
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About Tree Cutting & Trimming Rockville Center

Welcome to Tree Cutting & Trimming Rockville Center!

Trees add more value to your property by giving your landscape a natural look and feel. Trees make your property more beautiful besides providing cool shades that act as a convenient playing ground for your kids. Trees have many functions in your yard, other than the magnificent beauty that they add to your property. However, you must take extra care of your trees to ensure that you enjoy these benefits.

Other than regularly watering your trees, you need to do tree pruning and shrub trimming. This is to ensure that your tree grows in a controlled way, and does not become a liability to you or other people. In other cases, you might need to remove the dead trees, especially after they are destroyed by natural forces such as hurricanes or strong winds. In such a case, you should contact a tree removal company.

Tree removal companies will bring down your dead trees expertly without causing damage to your property. Besides tree removal services, these companies also provide tree trimming services, tree stump removals, and tree stump grinding services. You should make it a point to remove the dead trees from your compound because they can cause devastating losses on your property, your neighbor’s property, or even cause physical harm to you or your family.

Here are more reasons why you should contact tree removal companies to get rid of the dead trees.

1. Dead Trees Attract Pests and Bugs

Unlike the healthy trees that are home to beautiful birds and butterflies, dead trees will attract unwanted pests such as wood borers, defoliators, and sap-sucking insects. Tree removal companies will be able to spot them out and prevent them from spreading to other trees or your property. Some of these pests, such as the wood-borers, may weaken a tree and cause it to fall off prematurely. A sudden fall of a dead tree will destroy everything on its way. Additionally, the pests may spread to your neighbors, and you may be sued for negligence. To prevent such a scenario, procure tree services regularly so that the tree contractors can bring dead trees down early enough.

2. Unhealthy Trees Devalue Your Property

Having even one unhealthy tree in your compound may dilute the overall aesthetic of your property. While a healthy tree inspires more life in your home because of the lovely leaf colors, a dead tree brings the opposite effect. If you are selling your house, dead trees may keep off potential buyers. Great tree removal companies will get rid of dead trees in your compound without leaving stumps on the ground or branches all over. When you are selling a home and buyers see the lengths you go to replace a dead tree properly, they will feel more obliged to buy.

3. Dead Trees Can Easily Spread Fire to the Whole Neighborhood

When a dead tree stays for too long without being uprooted, it gets very dry. Consequently, it becomes ignitable and could catch fire easily. Such a tree would be triggered to ignite even by a cigarette butt. Or you could be barbequing under the tree, and the next thing you know, the whole tree is on fire. Owe unto you if the fire spreads to your house or, worse still, to your neighbors. To stay safe and avoid catastrophic tree fires, you should hire a tree removal company to take care of the dead tree.

With all the liabilities a dead tree would present to your property, you are better off hiring tree removal services to get rid of the unhealthy trees. Remember that one healthy tree will produce about 260 pounds of oxygen all year round. Now, if you have two healthy trees in your home, there will be enough oxygen to support yourself and three other people. So, why keep a dead tree around? Contact Tree Cutting & Trimming Rockville Center and get rid of it.

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