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Simon Gillespie Studio Reviews

Submitted by Daniel Martin on 02/13/2024

Exceptional Service

Overall Rating

Simon Gillespie Studio in London offers exceptional oil painting restoration services, expertly preserving and revitalizing artworks with precision and care.

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Best Service

Simon Gillespie Studio delivers top-notch painting cleaning services in London. Impeccable attention to detail, and professional results every time!

Submitted by Annaengerritch on 04/15/2024

Best service

Simon Gillespie Studio excels at picture restoration in London. Their skillful touch brings new life to cherished artworks. Highly recommended.

Submitted by Angelinawatson on 08/18/2023

Best Services

Simon Gillespie is a skilled painting conservator in London. His expertise in preserving and restoring paintings is unparalleled. Highly recommended for professional and meticulous painting conservation.

Submitted by Steven Ashley on 05/21/2023