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Posted by Linkov Hair Surgery on 03/11/2024

Hair Transplants for African Americans


While everyone expects a hair transplant for African Americans to be the same as for anyone else, the truth is that there are some differences. That’s why you need the top hair transplant surgeons for African Americans to perform your hair transplant. A hair transplant for a Black male has the same goals as the procedure for any man: to grow hair where it’s been lost. A hair transplant for an African American woman is similar to other women: keep the hair thick and healthy. Call Linkov Hair Surgery to get the best results for an African American hair transplant. With their experience and facility, they have the best outcomes.

Do African American Hair Transplants Work?

Hair transplants work for all types of hair, including African American hair. African American hair is unique in many ways, which leads to misconceptions about hair loss treatment. While its texture ranges from fine to coarse, its curl patterns vary from straight to extremely tight and it boasts a broad range of shades and hues, African American hair can still fall out like any other hair.

With the effects of advancing age and certain diseases, hair loss is a common problem among Black men and women. As a person of color, you require the best hair replacement surgeon for a hair transplant, due to the curly nature of your hair type. But African American hair transplant techniques offer a solution for the distressing issue that affects adults from as early as their 20s.

Dr. Gary Linkov, a board certified surgeon at Linkov Hair Surgery in New York City, can perform a hair transplant for African American men and women of all ages. One of the top hair transplant surgeons for African Americans, Dr. Linkov uses an advanced approach for the safest and most effective hair loss treatments for men and for women.

What Are the Special Considerations for Black Hair Transplants?

If your once full head of hair has started to thin, a hair transplant is an effective, permanent solution. Find a hair replacement specialist with experience in Black hair transplants who considers multiple factors, including:

  • Donor hair density issues

The donor area density for African American hair isn’t that thick. Luckily, the curly nature of the hair boasts a higher volume

  • Careful excision of donor tissue

The kinky and curly nature of Black hair may complicate the spacing during excision. The curling below the skin means the surgeon needs a wider donor area to get the same number of follicles or individual follicle units required for a successful transplant

  • Grafting concerns

Your surgeon has to be careful not to cause transection of the donor hair follicle, which happens when the scalpel cuts the hair bulb at its base. If that happens, the transplanted hairs may not grow successfully

At Linkov Hair Surgery, the doctors and staff have worked with African American patients for years. Through training and experience, these hair restoration professionals have built a reputation as the go-to facility for a NYC hair transplant for Black males and females.

Read more: https://www.linkovhair.com/hair-transplants/hair-transplants-for-african-americans/

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