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United TiStand

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Toronto, Ontario

UnitedtiStand, DividedtiFall

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United TiStand
Targeted Individual Founder
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Bloor Street West
Toronto, Ontario

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24 hours
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Paypal, Direct Deposit
First of its kind organization that connects victims of gang stalking around the globe through a wide variety of media networks, channels, platforms and public relations armies.
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NA (yet)

About United TiStand

Organized Gang Stalkers are extremely brilliantly organized, funded and managed.   Targeted Individuals Must achieve the same status if we are to stop this covert murder and life destruction program.   Once anyone, any criminal nominates you to be targeted, you never get off!

There is one way though and that involves starting with one or two main members sites.  Starting with this, we can organize for ourselves, lobby government, fundraise, sell, develop, build, pitch and especially buy land and buildings earmarked to, set up safe communitis both in our cities and way out in high security rural areas where members can live for up to two years free by working part time hours on the land, the farm, the manufacturing, the online marketing, ecommerce and broadcast centre helping to generate revenues to pay to buy extremely sophisticated technology ($2800 to $400,000 per hardware). and so much more.

We will build high secure barriers, use a wide variety of sophisticaed technology, robotics, dogs, people and especially encrypted drones.  There will be only wire internet access in one side area and no wifi or cell phones allowed in work, relaxing and sleeping areas.

Much of our government, military, police, emergency agencies, political structures and major corporations are deeply invested and involved if you can believe it!  Most experts agree that this is a full blown fascist takeover of all that is good in all of our homelands we love so dearly.

Targeted Individuals have to unite and fast.  Right now, there is absolutely no help.  We are being tortured 24/7 by weaponized microwave parts, stun guns, radar guns and more.  These incideous monster torturers are slowly (or quickly) poisoning my wife and I with radiation from their weapons.

We have done absolutely nothing to deserve this.  This org goes to great lengths to destroy our relationships, spread malicious and sadistic lies, use their connections in government and medical communities to develop completely fake dossiers!  They take these documents, that, even to seasoned investigators and retired officials take as official and true.  This is absolutely horrid.

I asked for help from police, our parents, our friends, each of them said the same thing, "perhaps you should get a mental health checkup!!   This is their big trump card, their M.O. and it has worked for many decades, especially over the past 10-20 years.  We can stamp out those lies by uniting, supporting each other with phone calls to officials, emails, paper letters, videos, photos and the list goes on and on.

The only way to help each other to get into a position of power and influence is by uniting today.  

Please email unitedtistand@gmail.com and we will send your free membership number and letter configuration.  Your name will NEVER be used, only your membership numbers.

We need numbers of members, so people will take us seriously.  They can call a hundred of us mentally unstable but they will never ever be able to tell a hundred million of us the same thing!


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