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Posted on 08/07/2022

CAD Services

CAD services are used to produce computer-aided design (CAD) files. These files are essential for the design process and can save time and money by eliminating the need to redraw parts. Some CAD services also provide data quality assurance services, which include archiving of CAD related data in databases. Data cleansing activities are also commonly performed to ensure the quality of client data. Another service offered by CAD services is detailing, which involves the addition of detailed information to a CAD drawing. These details may include tolerances, manufacturing methods, traceability, welding details, material properties, form and fit, hazardous materials, and installation directions.

CAD service providers also provide engineering drawings and other types of technical drawings. These specialized drawings define the specifications and requirements for engineered items, and are created in accordance with standards for appearance, layout, and interpretation. Standards for drawing creation can be found in the ASME and ISO codes. Other CAD services include failure analysis (also called root cause analysis), and part design, which applies the principles of engineering to create a new product.

Mechanical drafting is an important part of a project and is critical to the design process. A mechanical drafting service will create technical drawings for components and equipment. These drawings are used throughout the design process, and will communicate with the engineering team in the final stage. A CAD services company that specializes in this type of engineering is Australian Drafting & Design Pty Ltd. The team is highly skilled and will work with your specifications to ensure that your final product is as accurate and efficient as possible.                

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