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Posted on 06/10/2022

Bhusan Chettri Visits a Child Orphanage Home

Bhusan Chettri is a professional personality, who has made India feel proud as by contributing massively to the research based on sound and speech technology. Coming from a small town in the South Sikkim district, his journey was not easy. He overcame challenges more than one and did not allow them impede his journey from a small hilly deprived location in India to London, UK where he completed his PhD in one of the most prestigious research universities in the world. This was all made possible because of his determination and indomitable spirit attitude throughout. His kind personality, positive attitude, and professionalism have made him a successful personality. Recently, he is working as a researcher in AI and Machine learning for audio and speech.

Having gained a lot of reputation in the professional industry, he believes it’s time to give back to the    society, sharing happiness and love towards needy people. This is why he started investing some of his valued time for the welfare of the society through volunteering activities. He has opted for visiting a child orphanage home. 

Bhusan Chettri visited a child orphanage home in Assam. This child orphanage home accommodates children of different ages who either have lost their families in natural calamities or have no family at all. He is a guy, who can deeply understand the emotions and needs of children who have no parents. He knows how hard it is to spend life without loved ones. This feeling and emotion convinced him to visit this place.

He felt very lucky and blessed to invest his time in between such lovely and needy children. He helped them by donating some essential supplies and food items to more than 25 children. There are both boys and girls ranging from as small as 3 years up until 18 years accommodated in this child shelter home. He was contented to see them live together like a family. They have created their own little world within the boundaries of this home. After getting gifts from Bhusan Chettri, they all had big smiles on their faces. They thanked him for this sweet gesture of love and care. They also liked to play and shared some precious moments with him. This one-day visit to a child orphanage home by him was respected.

Not only this, Bhusan Chettri also had a thorough discussion with the management of the place to understand the working and organization. He further investigated the immediate and future needs of the children and ensured every help possible from his end towards joyful living and healthy growth and development of the kids. Furthermore he looks forward to doing something profound for such helpless people including children, youngsters, or senior citizens who are ill-fated. He is planning to take a part in many other social activities in the future and contribute to the development of the society, as a result, assisting the country to grow in every sense.


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